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Last live 6 months ago

Gamer of all games! Love fulfilling request so if you have any ideas let us know!! twitter: @stanpcgaming

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Whats up everyone! We have made the jump from for live streaming. Reason for that is twitch are much more relaxed on copyright issues and the twitch community tends to be more welcoming of live streaming :)
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All money raised goes back into improving the stream for you guys!
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NO CORONAVIRUS ANYTHING! NO Hate Speech OF ANY KIND. No Self Promotion This is handled by Mods. NO politics. NO discussion of illegal drugs. if it is illegal in England its not welcome here. if admin says chill ya chill all bans are authorised by me. If you feel mistreated by a mod contact me with any concerns. and as always... BE NICE!!


!24hour = 24 hour stream details. !beat = Beatsaber Request Instructions !boop = I Booped a Thing !Crash = I full on crashed into a thing !ddrage = diamond Dog Rage Quit a game !ddyawn = Diamond Dog Yawned !Discord = Discord Invite Link !IG = Instant Gaming Affiliate Link !jumpscare = Stan Shat Himself !lurk = Use if your heading into the lurk land !multi = Multistream Link !rage = Stan rage Quit a game !song = what song is playing !Attention = Get stans attention !dillhole = Stan was a dillhole !Filth = Filth happened !followage = How long have you been here? !music = Song Request Instructions !games = a List of games i own !lurkers = Thank the lurkers for there support !so = Shoutout command (Mod Only) !Stretch = Make Stan Stretch !vape = Did i vape? Theres a counter for that! !uptime = Go On..Guess !vector = Whats my little mate up to? !rip = Oops I Died (Mod Only) !mic = Is Stan Muted? !youtube = Youtube Link !rocksmith = Rocksmith Request Instructions! !thed = If stan is tuning to Drop D
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You do not have to subscribe but if you choose to be one of the legends that would like to you get the below emotes no ads massive appreciation from and the community and all the usual twitchy benefits! Tier 1 = stanpcGus stanpcFilth Initial Incentives are subscribers get Game Requests and I will follow you on twitter!
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All the footage of expos and out past live streams on youtube can be found by clicking the link above