My name is Nichole D'Angelo and I bring you the latest in Star Citizen news each week on http://youtube.com/starcitizenaa . Here on my twitch channel you will see my stream my favorite games!

About Nikki

I am a YouTube content creator and a Twitch streamer. I started playing games on my first computer, the Commodore 128 back in the 80's. Since then I have been a huge fan of simulation games, especially space sims. On my Twitch stream you can join me when I playStar Citizen, X-Plane, or Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen.

Stream Schedule

**Schedule** Monday - 8:30 PM EST Tuesday - 8:30 PM EST Thursday - 8:30 PM EST Friday - 10:00 PM EST Lightspped Lunatics on twitch.tv/thebaseradio


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