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as it turns out, having five arms does not make one better at video games

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Hi! I'm StarfishDown. Canadian college student pursuing a diploma in capitalism. I mostly play Rimworld (Sims with guns) and Sims 4 (Rimworld without guns). **TESTIMONIALS:** "Not bad at all" - [40OzToFreedom]( "Best echinoderm on Twitch" - [DuffyGoesRawr]( "What are you?" - [Evosaintx]( "I really enjoy the colorful language!" - [Nagol93]( "Can regenerate" - [Double Eagle]( "She's ok, I guess." - [Boartato]( "the gentlemen of today" - [Shelton]( "Worst ASMR Ever" - [AlenaFenomena]( "Wish she did voice for RPG character or karaoke" - [rootmer]( If you are reading this, please tell me to drink some water [Starting music by this guy](
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1. Don't be a jerk 2. Don't be a creep 3. Don't spam 4. No backseat gaming 5. Chill vibes only
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