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Hey guys, you can call me Starky. I'm a variety streamer who leans towards playing Pokemon games. Here we have lots of laughs, raging, and a few crazy moments here and there. I mostly enjoy chatting and getting to know new viewers so feel free to say hello! Stick around and join the community!


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29 year old guy who wants to give streaming a go. You're going to see me play modern games, smaller games, maybe even some classics, I'll be playing for fun not clout. I'd love to see some of you guys in the chat while i'm playing games probably worse than you'd play them. Rules on here are quite lenient and simple: -Don't use offensive/racial slurs. -Don't spam unless told to do so by myself. -Don't constantly advertise yourself or others. We can all grow together but don't push things. Most important rule of them all, HAVE FUN! :)
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We have a fantastic community over on our discord with a few creators. Why not drop by and be apart of it!

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If you really have to much money and would like to support me with gifts to improve my setup/background it would be a lovely gesture! Thank you <3


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This is the best way to support me! Any and all donations are appreciated. All donations will be put into upgrading my setup and supporting other streamers within our community. Thank you all so much! Please Note: By donating you agree that you will not charge back the donation and I will not take responsibility if a charge back for the donation occurs, thank you for your generosity.


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Here is my YouTube channel where all videos and stream highlights are uploaded. I generally upload all of my highlights from my streams onto my YouTube, so if you enjoy what you see on here, go over there and check out some of my content!


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Follow me on Twitter for exclusive information, to ask me any questions, to share any sort of news with me, when I'll be going LIVE, as well as other announcements!

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If you want to send me treats <3