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I'm a rotten, comedic Drag Quing, cosplayer, filmmaker, and all around theatre nerd. Big Twiink EnergyTM. Shapeshifter. Shi/hir, they/them, and he/him I guess? Intersex. Queer. BLM. Stop AAPI hate. ACAB. Trans rights in ALL ways and ALL places NOW. Defend and uplift indigenous people. Listen. Grow.

Welcome! I'm Stellar Manx, a comedic drag artist, cosplayer, and all around theatre nerd. I'm a fool, I talk a lot, and I play Pokemon stuff, Skyrim, FFXIV online, and Minecraft. Think of this channel as a home I own, but I've opened it to all. Anyone is welcome here, but this is a safe space for queer folx, bipoc, and other marginalized communities first and foremost. I'm not an apolitical streamer and I have no qualms defending others and giving my platform for others to use when they need it. That being said, let me point out what are NOT "political topics" to debate in chat: Human rights Human lives Humans Black Lives Matter, gay rights, Stop AAPI hate, abolish ICE, ACAB, and anything involving human lives and human rights are not topics to debate around here. People are not politics. Their lives, hopes, loves, and dreams are not up for debate. No "what about's" and "yeah but's" here. If you cannot be supportive, kind, respectful, or chill in these ways, this simply isn't the home for you. This space is designed for people who need to breathe, feel safe, and be themselves, but they can't find many places for that elsewhere. Come in, open up, be who you are as long as you're not a nazi or terf. BUT TAKE NOTE: Please ask me and the chat if we have the spoons/mana to talk about political issues or serious national and worldwide events before bringing them up (this can apply to other heavy, traumatic topics). As I said, this is meant to be a safe, comfortable space. Sometimes that involves stepping away from draining topics and events. I'm grateful to be a part of streaming communities here that are super supportive and loving. I will support and promote anyone needing a boost, and we could all use one. I want to help grow a community for streamers, any streamers, who foster a supportive, loving, and kind environment. If you are a streamer, artist, musician, or content creator of some kind, I urge you to consider joining the Leaf Gang community discord server. Network, support, grow. !discord in chat for the invite my partner's discord and our shared communities involving more streamers and games beyond what I play here. !commands in chat for list of most permanent commands. !rules in chat for, well, rules lol Commands for V-Raptor, my stream pet: !eat !werk !goatman