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Tank Assistant

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Tank Assistant is mobile app that should change your messaging system, with tanks involved no less. It is in beta phase, so all testers will be eligible for monthly gold rewards, if drawn as lucky winners ofc. Follow link toward website for instructions. Gold rush will start after 1k users are registered, and prizes will grow over time

KursorTV YouTube channel

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[KursorTV]( is Youtube channel dedicated to World Of Tanks. You can find here various matches and games commented by **Kojot** and **still_mojo**.

Kazna Kru clan Facebook

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[Kazna Kru clan Facebook page]( is place for all the news about World of Tanks. Besides news, you can find a lot of funny pictures, videos and gold giveaways.

World of Tanks Balkanci

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[World of Tanks Balkanci]( je Facebook stranica posvećena WoT-u. Pokrivamo područje Balkana sa vestima, smešnim memeima i nagradnim igrama.