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I'm Stobbie149. I play Battle Brothers mostly but Blood Bowl II and Darkest Dungeon are also favourites. Someday I will cleanse my Steam library of its backlog. Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat & Sun 7pm - 10pm CET (Central European Time).


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Hey friends, welcome to my Twitch channel. Streaming schedule: Mon, Wed, Thurs & Sun 7pm - 11pm CEST. These days I'm mostly playing Battle Brothers, XCOM2, and DOTA2. I'm a South African living in the U.K. who loves most games but especially turn based games with RNG. What to expect: a nooby noob noobing it up. Bad jokes and and the occasional bit of skillful play (though this is very rare). All are welcome, come watch, hang out in chat and get involved with the stream. Check out my Youtube channel where most of the VODs get uploaded as episodes.

Check Out my Youtube Channel

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No Twitch partnership yet but feel free to subscribe anyway! Maybe someday I could live the life of getting paid to play video games! A man can but dream. If you feel the need to make a completely voluntary donation, you can use this link: