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Hey hey, I'm Storm, a semi pro halo 2 and 3 long time competitor. I place champion consistently in FFA and Arena. I mainly stream arena and FFA; either smurfing, helping the community learn and grow, or bringing you high level champ gameplay!

Donations greatly appreciated and used to bring you better streams, higher levels, and a better game.

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Competitive Halo player/fan since Halo 2, past champion player in arena and FFA, FFA tournament winner h2/h3. Donations will go to improving my streaming equipment to bring you the best, clearest, halo experience I can offer, give backs to loyal fans and donors, and some extra time for me to give back to the S70RM community any way I can. I offer level boosting, help with shots, coaching, strats/teams strats, or anything else I can help my donors out with.

Schedule coming soon!

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Right now I put up at least 10 hours of streaming 6-7 days a week for people interested in knowing how much I play. Who wants to sub to someone inactive!? A more accurate and detailed schedule is coming soon!

Top supporters!

Anyone that subscribes or donates to my stream gets a list of benefits you will see by clicking the subscribe button. In addition to that you guarantee an available spot in my games, and any help I can offer you in regards to gaming! TOP SUPPORTERS! Noodles Bloos_whos Marinem3ch A_ward32 Motoxone52 Trainedxbrx187 Magz623 Betawolf8 MetalGreatOne