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Pig of The Hut's Official StreamGames Covered: MKX/MK9/Injustice/Killer Instinct The following can be expected:High level Gameplay of offline and online gamesCharacter discussions and Indepth looks at toolsTournaments (offline and online)Marque match ups Randomness

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Check out my Youtube where I consistently upload Matches, Guides, Interviews, Streams, etc

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Check out Pig Of The Hut on CW NETWORK Chasing the Cup

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“Mortal Kombat X: Machinima’s Chasing the Cup” follows five of the world’s top-ranked players of the fighting game: Carl White (aka Perfect Legend), from Toledo, Ohio; brothers Timothy Commandeur (HoneyBee) and Matthew Commandeur (BioHazard) from Toronto, Canada; Brant McCaskill (Pig of the Hut) from Atlanta, Ga.; and returning champion Dominique Maclean (SonicFox), from Townsend, Del. The second season of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League began Nov. 1, 2015, and the finals took place at the ESL Burbank Studios on Sunday, Jan. 24. The first three episodes of “Mortal Kombat X: Machinima’s Chasing the Cup” are being released Monday on CW Seed, with the others to post weekly. The finale also will be on CW Seed following TV broadcast.

ESPN Interview with Pig Of The Hut, Sonic Fox, Perfect Legend, Biohazard and Honeybee

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ESPN Interview with Mortal Kombat X Pro Players: Highlighting the success of each and Esports Growth

Pig Of The Hut Presents "The Armory" Series

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The definitive Mortal Kombat X Video Podcast series The Armory Returns in 2016 More info to come

The CW Network & Machinima Present Pig Of The Hut Explains Mortal Kombat X

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Pig Of The Hut Explains Mortal Kombat X for the common fan.

Pig Of The Hut Q&A AND FAQ

Pig Of The Hut Official FAQ Q: What is your real name? A: Brantley McCaskill Q: Where are you from? A: Atlanta, Ga Q: Where did you get the name "Pig Of The Hut" from? A: In 1998, when I first bought the original Xbox, I was asked to enter a gamertag that I would use for online gaming. At the time I was neck deep in the music business and always promoting my band "Pig Hut."I was the leader of the band, wrote most to all the songs, made more of the important decisions so I felt like "Pig of the Hut"was a good name to go with. Also it was a very cheap inexpensive way to advertise the band name without really advertising. Im proud of this choice because to this day you cant find much about the band (Disbanded in 2006) but the name has become far greater. It's nice to know the work somehow paid off. Q: How long have you played Guitar? A: 18 years, I was very active in the music industry from 1998-2012 toured with many bands as either a part of the band or hired guitar player. I've played in bands ranging from Metal, Industrial, Country Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Rock and Pop. I've opened up for bands such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Godhead, KMFDM with the band Pig Hut. I also was a prt of the Rock Boat tour with Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Barenaked Ladies, etc. Pig Hut has written songs for the Atlanta Falcons TV commercials, Carpe Diem 1 + 2 DVDs and independent movies. Im currently no longer active in the music industry due to its dying nature and after doing 60-100 shows a year with 4 different bands on avg for 6-8 years I needed a break. I've won "Best instrumentalist" for Guitar in 2007 for State and 2008 I placed 2nd in the region. See my youtube for videos of playing in 2006. One day I will get back at the guitar and maybe incorporate it into my streams for fun Q: How long have you been active in the FGC? A: I've played video games since age 4, played Mortal Kombat since 1992 and joined the FGC as a professional gamer in 2011. Q: What do you do for a living? A: I work for ESPN, Fox Sports, ASN, NBCSN and others as a Technical Director and EVS/Dreamcatcher/3Play/Newtekk engineer. I also do freelance Green screen work for various productions companies. I'm also an AV engineer for 9 years employed. I wouldnt change what I do for a living for any job. Formerly a 10 year touring guitarist and Music educator on the college and Pro level. I taught music for 12 years. Q: Are you sponsored? A: I have been before but currently I am not by choice but we will see. There are talks w some sponsors now. Q: Are you in Yomi? A: Absolutely not and will never be. I was for an extremely short period of time 2015 April-July 2015 but I think their business model is the worst I've ever seen because it doesnt exist. They are also located in the worst part of Atlanta that isn't safe. I have 0 plans to be a aprt of YOMI however I truly love/respect/care for almost every member in YOMI individually. It's definitely NOT about me disliking any members in YOMI (although i dislike some). It goes deeper. A LOT MORE COMING SOON !!!

Pig Of The Hut's "Living" Tier List Top 5 in MKX

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Mortal Kombat X "Living" Tier List Top 5 TBA The week of March 2nd 2016 COMING SOON *Living* means not final and at any second could change.

Pig Of The Hut's TOP 20 Movies of all Time

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Pig Of The Hut's Top 20 Movies of all Time 1. Mulholland Dr 2. American Beauty 3. Inception 4. Seven 5. Black Swan 6. Requiem for a Dream 7. The Dark Knight 8. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Finalized list COMING SOON

Pig Of The Hut Favorite Bands + Favorite Guitarists

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Top 11 Bands 1. Nine Inch Nails 2. KMFDM 3. White/Zombie 4. Muse 5. Guns n Roses 6. Prodigy 7. Celldweller 8. Brad Paisley 9. Florence + The Machine 10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 11. Tool FAVORITE GUITARISTS 1. Joe Satriani 2. John 5 3. Michael Romeo 4. Brad Paisley 5. Tom Morello

My Pride and Joy Guitar

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Les Paul Custom Limited Edition 2002 USA Studio Platinum Chrome This will always be my goto axe for rock and wreckage

Pig Of The Hut FGC Accomplishments

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2011 -5th Impact Clash Mortal Kombat 9 -2nd Greenville Regionals Mortal Kombat 9 -7th Nec Mortal Kombat 9 -1st NewEgg Online Mortal Kombat 2012 -2nd Final Round Mortal Kombat 9 -2nd UFGT Mortal Kombat 9 -7th MLG Anaheim Mortal Kombat 9 -1st MWC Mortal Kombat 9 -1st MLG Spring Arena Mortal Kombat 9 -3rd EVO World Championship MK9 -1st MLG Online Major tournament MK9 -3rd MLG Raleigh MK9 -3rd MLG Dallas MK9 -1st Frosty Faustings MK9 -Won 25+ Local tournaments 2013 -7th SCR Mortal Kombat 9 -5th Ceo Mortal Kombat 9 -2nd MWC Injustice -1st MWC Mortal Kombat 9 -9th Evo World Championship MK9 -9th CEO Injustice -9th TFC Injustice 2014 -7th Final Round Mortal Kombat 9 -9th Final Round Injustice -5th KIT Injustice -4th Ceo Injustice -7th MLG Injustice -2nd EVO World Championship Injustice 2015 -5th MWC Mortal Kombat X -3rd ESL Season 1 Finals Mortal Kombat X -Qualified for ESL Season 2 Finals Mortal Kombat X Extra: -Was chosen to be a Beta tester in 2013 for Injustice -Was chosen to be a Beta Tester in 2015 for Mortal Kombat X -Featured on the CW Network for Mortal Kombat X: Chasing The Cup -Featured on the CWseed for Mortal Kombat X: Chasing The Cup Web-Episodes -Interviews with USA Today ESPN Mashable Polygon Yahoo -Twitch Partnered

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