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Currently playing Ocarina of Time randomizer.

Welcome !

I'm Stuck_man and I play games. I love and I have played Final Fantasy games since I was very young and am still faithful to the series today. I'm currently focusing on Ocarina of Time Randomizer, being bad at it, but trying nonetheless! I'm also a big fan of the Soulsborne series (Demon's, Dark Souls I and II and Bloodborne). I play a bunch of other games too, mainly RPGs but there are a lot of my beloved games that aren't.


Please be nice and respectful all around. Don't annoy other people in the chat or myself. 1) All instances of any form of hate are prohibited. Please guys, just leave if you can't be respectful. 2) If the game doesn't suit your tastes, you are free to leave the stream. In any case, don't say the game I'm playing sucks. It's annoying you know ? 3) In case of a first playthrough, spoilers won't be tolerated. Backseating is only accepted if I ask for it explicitly.

Social Media

Follow me on twitter to know when I'm going live: @stuck_man


Of course, viewership and people having a fun time here is what I aim for, so tips are never required! If you are so keen on using your money to give me a tip, do so at: Any tip helps and is very much appreciated! Thanks a lot!