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I will be back in July, currently recovering from shoulder surgery.

About Me

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I primarily speedrun Mega Man games, but I've started moving into running other retro games. Also, I occasionally do casual stuff. Furthermore, I now do Retro Achievements, which may be more prevalent in my streaming moving forward.


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Every time I try to set an approximate schedule, I never follow through. So, I just stream when I can and when I want to. I at least want to make an appearance once per week. My IRL schedule tends to be all over the place. Starting in mid-April, my kids sports schedule really picks up and carries through July. They are also off from school June-August, so my streaming will be very sporadic to non-existent during that timeframe.

Personal Bests

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Mega Man (All Stages): 21:57 Mega Man (Zipless): 23:01 Mega Man (Glitchless) 24:49 Mega Man LC: 21:37 Mega Man LC Zipless: 23:52 Mega Man 2 (Any% Normal, Zipless): 30:52 Mega Man 2 LC: 30:49 (Normal, Zipless) Mega Man 2 LC: 32:27 (Difficult, Zipless) Former WR Mega Man 3: 38:52 Mega Man 3 LC: 36:58 Mega Man 4: 41:28 Mega Man 4 LC: 40:33 Mega Man 6: 38:56 Mega Man 6 LC: 38:46 Mega Man 9: 34:48 Mega Man 10: 37:18 Mega Man 10 Easy: 37:58 46 Robots: 1:59:58 (1:58:49 IGT) Felix the Cat Any%: 26:33 Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers: 10:52

Retro Achievements

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Follow along with my Retro Achievements and check my progress at Games I have mastered thus far: Mega Man Mega Man 2 Mega Man 4 Mega Man 6 Super Mario 2 Super Mario 3 Adventure Island Paperboy Felix the Cat Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers 2

Channel Commands

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Nothing fancy, just helpful commands for your viewing pleasure. Also some commands for some streamers and the classic mega series. Type !list for all commands.

Find Me Elsewhere

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YouTube: Stuntrooster Discord: stuntrooster#5838