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Harley here. Gaming is a way of life as you know. Join me as I play out mine. Good times had by all. It's a blast, just having fun and spending time with good people. Support keeps the graphics in gear. Hope to see you in chat! :)

Merch Madness

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Harley's merch, take some home today!!

This is Why We can't Have Nice Things

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Please always Conduct yourselves as respectable people. I ask due to my minis floating around occasionally. It will result in a time out. Once a warning is stated we will place a ban. Trolls are not tolerated .. except me. :) I am very interactive with everyone who joins my chat. Be respectful, kind, easy-going. Let's just have fun! MosT of ALL Be YoU.

Streaming Schedule

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Balance between my kids and family, and school. Things can get hectic though I try and stay consistent as possible. I will be slowly transitioning my schedule to day. Until schedule is set, my twitter will keep you up to date daily. Otherwise it is as follows. Monday - Morning/Afternoon Tuesday - Morning /Afternoon Wednesday - Morning/Afternoon Thursday - Morning/Afternoon Friday - Morning/Afternoon Saturday - Morning/Afternoon Sunday - As my mood Permits ;) Evening streams happen often and are spontaneous especially if there are conflicts with the normal Schedule. Don't FoRgEt To FolloW <3

My Setup

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Aegis R 10SC Super Clocked Intel i7 - 10700F GeForce RTX 2060 Super 16 gb Ram, Windows 10 pro, MSI motherboard, 512 Mb ssd, 1Tb sdd, Vigor G30 Keyboard, Clutch GM11 Mouse, Astro A10 HeadSet Logictech 920 webcam. Dx Racer
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Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. You lovely people keep our streaming active and advancing forward. You keep being awesome and so will I :) Thanks