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just a simple orange vtuber

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An orange Vtuber who wants to spread comfort and happiness by streaming <3 I hope you join me on my journey!
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1. Respect everyone and have a good time, so that we can all have a good time! 2. No hate speech, no heavy topics. Absolutely no doxxing of any kind. 3. No spoilers, no backseating, no links without permission. 4. No mentioning other streamers unless we bring them up. 5. No unrelated spam. We'd like to interact with you in chat! 6. English only in chat please!
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[Model Artist and Rigger - Minty]( [Panels and Overlays - Stellar]( [BGM - StreamCafeMusic]( [Alert sounds - Tofie]( [Stinger Transition - Spvwvky]( [Emotes - LuNavier](