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Thank you for joining me on my gaming journey. Let's venture off as friends 💜

About Me

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Hi, I'm Sunny! I'm a super nerd that enjoys playing mostly builder games, horror games, RPGs and simulation games. I am primarily a PlayStation gamer, but I also play PC and Switch games. I am highly sarcastic and enjoy a good joke. I love all things scary. Let's be friends.

Random Things About Me

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♥ I have been gaming since being a little tiny sunsetglowgaming ♥ My favorite shows to watch are Catfish and The Challenge ♥I enjoy Hip Hop, R&B, and KPOP music ♥I enjoy watching short films on Youtube. Achievements Affiliate- April 30th, 2021 Hit 100 followers - 05/14/2021- 100th follower was CryoPhoenix413. Hit 200 followers - irisamelia

My Games

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I'm a variety PC, Switch, and PlayStation streamer. I mostly play indie horror games for the stream, but I also choose some fun stuff when I'm not choosing horror game violence against myself. You may catch me playing some Phasmophobia, Devour, Pacify, House Flipper, Dead by Daylight, or Knockout city but I don't limit my games to just those. For all game recommendations please feel free to join one of my streams and let me know ♥

My Schedule

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Currently, My schedule is in the making.

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Sub Benefits

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You are not required to subscribe to my channel. I super appreciate you being here to hang out with me. If you would like to subscribe, these are the benefits that come along with subbing. - Ad free viewing - Access to my emotes - Emote Badge to my channel ♥ You also are able to sub through Amazon Prime ♥ All of my emotes were hand drawn by me. I hope you like them. I appreciate everyone! Y'all are super awesome ♥


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