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Hi, I'm Adam! I'm a thirty-something tryhard who likes to sing.

About Me

Hi, I'm Adam! I'm a musician who gave up on his dreams to become a boring lawyer. In order to spice up my life a bit, I started streaming. I mostly sing old people songs on Twitch Sings, but sometimes I play old people video games. I stream exclusively from my PC for the time being.

Games I Usually Stream

Twitch Sings Super Street Fighter II Turbo Other Miscellaneous Fighting Games Retro Games

My Music

I started recording music again. Nowadays, I'm focusing on my solo rock project, Terradog. I cobble together tracks with my guitars, bass, vocals, FL Studio, and second-rate production skills. If you want to listen, click below. [Terradog on SoundCloud] (

Discord & Twitter

I have a Discord. I use it to chat and play games with people. Please feel free to join by clicking below. [The Puppy Playpen]( I also use Twitter now. Feel free to check it out here: [SuperHappyPuppy's Twitter](


Microphone: Shure SM58 Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Webcam: Logitech C922x Pro Stream