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Playing stuff from time to time. A lot of what I do is on YouTube @ www.youtube.com/SuperJeenius.

Support the Stream!

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If you want to kindly donate, you can do so [here](https://twitch.streamlabs.com/superjeenius). It will go towards my living expenses and also of course to improving the stream and YouTube videos wherever possible.

Submit a Mario Maker Level!

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If you want to submit a level to my Mario Maker Level Database, click [here](http://www.superjeenius.com/mariomaker/)! You can share your level with other viewers and I might even play it on stream!

Find Me Elsewhere!

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[YouTube](http://www.youtube.com/SuperJeenius) | [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/SuperJeenius) | [Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/SuperJeenius)


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If you subscribe, you get a cool Persona tarot card next to your name, you're not affected by slow mode in chat, and you get all these emotes to use too!

Get Japanese Merchandise!

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I need to get my fix of Japanese merchandise like figures, alpacas, etc. I buy most of my stuff from Tokyo Otaku Mode, a really cool store with good prices. If you click the image above you get $5 to spend there, making your first purchase a bit cheaper! (and it helps me out too so thank you!!!)