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How It Be

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I play all kinds of darn games 'round these parts. Lots of retro, some fighting games, a bit of everything. Hang out, be cool, have some good times.

Code of Conduct

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1. Be cool 2. Don't be an a-hole


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There is no schedule. I stream when I feel like it, which is most days, usually around 6 PM or 7 PM Mountain Time. Sometimes on Sundays and Mondays I will start earlier. Click the follow button to know when I go live.

High Scores

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Arcade - Ms. Pac-Man - 49,810 NES - Balloon Fight – 1,423,450 Atari 2600 - Gremlins – 86,250 Atari 7800 – Foodfight (Intermediate) – 149,700 Turbografx 16 - Alien Crush - 7,913,100 Turbografx 16 - Galaga 90 – 112,590 SNES – Dr. Mario (High Speed) - 101,100


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