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Fantasy Furry Artist from Melbourne, Australia. I'm Any/All and most people call me Surry. I like to evil plot.


Ending screen by Youanlee on Fiverr Opening logo Glow by Northgreenfield

Discord!! Really just a small random discord so y'all can get your sub emotes. Yay!


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Hey Y'all, I'm Surryfox. I'm an Australian based digital artist who mainly draws fluffy stuff and a lil fanart. I play a whole lot of warframe (Currently MR 26 with hundreds of weapons forma'd) and have a love/hate relationship with LoL. I'm a complete beginner to streaming so be kind haha. I have literally no idea what I'm doing and winging it more than I wing my artwork which says a lot most times As for my goals, I really just want to be able to make my way as an artist and eventually earn enough to live by on streaming and art. It's always been my dream to own a fox sanctuary since they really dont live long here being classed as a pest

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Panel Content Check out our shop over at Redbubble! I'll get more up there as I create more things but I hope you like it!

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Donations are not expected in any way, but are very appreciated and will go a long way to help the stream and keep the website running


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