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Yes this channel was featured in The New York Times. This was the home of Are We The Bad Guys? A live Dungeons & Dragons Stream. We also stream video games and other nonsense. #RazerStreamer Streaming with Razer Ripsaw & gaming with all the Razer gear.


Experimenting with this but when I am playing Fortnite you can cheer and it forces actions in my game: 20 Bits = Force Jump 25 Bits= Force Crouch 50 Bits = Force Emote
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I frequently talk about wanting burritos and other treats while streaming. If you click here because I have been particularly awesome you can send me food right to my door, and I promise to eat it on stream like a monster.
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Subscribe! I appreciate it! Subscription Perks: - No Ads! - Priority gaming with me on any game I'm playing except D&D - You can help choose the themes for Drink & Smash! - Custom shout out in the chat. - I'll do a magic trick for you on stream if you ask for it and subscribe while I am streaming.
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As long as the chat is cool it has control over the lights where I am streaming. Type the following and it will change all of my lights to the specified color for ten seconds. &aqua &blue &green &orange &pink &purple &red &yellow Cheer 1000 bits if you want a specific color, or to lengthen the time I stream at that color.
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The big one is !beans to tell me when I biffed something real hard. Also !makepaste to encourage a certain half orc to get in on the fight action. You can find all the commands by typing !commands 300 bits makes me talk like a robot for 60 seconds. 501 bits during magic practice forces me to produce the aces immediatley. FYI, I have a bunch of secret commands where the viewer can affect the stream. But the big one is if you cheer with 15,000 Bits it will immediately shut my stream down. I dare you to try it. It's automatic and I can't stop it if you do it.