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Pepega variety streamer, Casual speedrunner, and the Head Honcho of the Murky Swamp. Currently playing games with controller support because of wrist problems and also do speak in English so that everyone can understand thanks. Email for business inquiries at

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Im SwampMan or Swampy and have been gaming since I had a NES (ages ago) started streaming in late 2021 I casually speedrun games if I really enjoy them like Cuphead, Hollow Knight and Hades so far. My first official speedrun sent was for Cuphead Top 69 (During submission) [Speedrun Profile]( During Submissions Top 86 on Hades 32 Heat Category Top 494 on Hollow Knight Any% Will be speedrunning Elden Ring, Super Mario and a bunch more once I finish my first playthroughs Im into story rich games plus other variety games if its unique enough plus trying to finish the backlog of games I haven't been able to play over the years. I meme around and do weird voice impressions (all for entertainment purposes and mean no offense to anyone) **Drop some game suggestions im glad to hear what you have to say** **Games I'm playing or planning so far to be played on stream are:** Elden Ring Speedrun Practice Any% Glitchless Cuphead DLC & Speedrun Practice **Games I've finished so far on stream are:** Hollow Knight Elden Ring Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls: Remastered Version Nobody Saves the World Cuphead Omori Hades Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil 8 (RE: Village) **Games I've put on hold are:** Hi-Fi Rush Atomic Heart Death's Door Remaining RE Franchise Monster Hunter Rise Sea of Thieves
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Spending time here on my stream is more than enough for me and getting to interact with new people and friends is already Pog. If you really want to send out money you're awesome All proceeds will be used to make the stream better, to make me consider streaming more consistently (im doing this as a hobby and to develop myself further), to be more entertaining and to provide better content []( Disclaimer: Also donations are non-refundable dont send me money to not complicate things

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