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I like to play video games! Beware foul language.

About Me

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Heya I am SweetEchoJenn. And I am addicted to gaming!

HyPnotiZe Esports

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Click to check out the New Competitive Battlefield Ps4 Platoon on Twitter! "Capture The Whole Attention!"

Battlefield Ladies Night

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Click to check out the Battlefield Ladies Night Twitter!

My Friends

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[PrincessRambeta](https://Twitch.Tv/PrincessRambeta) [GoodgirlJenn](https://Twitch.Tv/Goodgirljenn) [EnjoixLucifier](https://Twitch.Tv/EnjoixLucifer) [Shizzles24]( [xHotZombieGurlx]( [Oukaapie777](https://Twitch.Tv/Oukaapie777) [GiltSummer5196](https://Twitch.Tv/GiltSummer5196) [I__Fire__I](

Social media

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I am co-founder of the GamerCrossroads! Follow us on Twitter and Twitch! Podcasts Every Sunday at 4pm EST at

Chat Rules

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NO NEGATIVITY Do not come to "troll" the chat, but Lurkers are ALWAYS welcome. Don't Self-promote or DM unsolicited invite links. Don't Spam it's annoying Caps are okay to use if the situation fits. Keep chat entertaining and fun at all times. Please DO NOT give game spoilers or backseat-game, If i need help I will definitely ask. No racist/ Ignorant comments or I will ban you. Have Respect.


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Donations are not required but are much appreciated. DM me to donate. If you would like to donate but are unable to, there are other ways you can show your support by HOSTING & SHARING my streams via all social networks. Those that chargeback will be banned, no exceptions