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French undead living in Paris

Special thanks

To: - The_Ouroboros for sydeMH - reptilian_09 for sydeDL - inpanic_lel for sydeGeo All the mods and to anyone subbing, following and watching! Cheers
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>Age : 32 0_0 >Name : William >Location : Paris, France >Race : Undead (soon patchhuman?) >Job : Web developer (python/django) >Reforged: Yes >Team : no [My w3c profile]( [ profile]( --- Feel free to ask questions about the game or whatever you wanna talk about! You can find some of my recent results here
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You can follow me on [twitter]( as well and on [my discord](
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Not really fan of rules but please don't: - balance whine - disrespect players that's it for now!


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