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Hey guys! The names Tony, I play all types of games, im into Horror/Br's any you name it. lets rock it!


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Hey guys tip jar is setup. Never required, but always welcomed! Theyll help better grow the stream! PLEASE NOTE: DONATIONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

About me.

Average Human by day insulating peoples homes, Energetic Gamer by night, I enjoy playing all sorts of games, MMORPGS, Looter Shooters, BR's. Horror. At the moment im a fan of Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, Division 2. You can catch me playing multiple variety of games. Im also very interested in playing with new people


Twitter! Stay tuned for Updates!

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The setup!

HyperX 70% Keyboard Razor Mamba TE Chroma Logitech G635 Logitech HD1080P Acer 144 Hrtz Monitor (Main Monitor) Acer H7 (Side Monitor)

Thank you Allie_Illustrations for the profile pic!

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If you like the profile pic, and how it's drawn and wanna look into something like this for your self! or for any other sorts check this lady out, she does phenomenal work!