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Floofy Protogen VTuber

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**Your cute and floofy Protogen VTuber.** >-Part time dumb/salty/cringe >-Full time chaos **Bot Commands:** > !snug or !hug !pet !boop !bonk !yeet !lurk
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>-Be positive & helpful to other viewers. -Be respectful to moderators and each other. -No links permitted in chat -Do not self promote. -Avoid religious & political discussions. -Racism or discrimination will result in a **BAN**. -Spamming, hijacking, harassment or disrupting the stream will result in a **BAN**.
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-If you would like to donate and support me, kindly send it through bits. -Please only be inclined to donate if you are in a good financial situation, please take care of yourself first and foremost!