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Hey!!! Thank you for watching my and joining into my beautiful aoe4 community! You guys all are amazing! As you see i'm a pro aoe4 player also Coach! Do !coach and

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[Leave a Tip!]( Thank you for supporting my channel! It means a lot for me. With your help i can upgrade my channel!!! Direct paypal address: PP : Bank: HU36 1040 2348 8676 6755 8175 1019


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現在はApexを中心にゲームをしています。 Grey Goo Monthly #1 1st place Grey Goo Monthly #2 1st place Grey Goo Monthly #3 1st place Grey Goo World Cup qualifier 4th place Taste of Goo 1&2&3 1st place Forged Battalion Commander Clash - 1v1 7th place Grey Goo TournamentforBragging Rights 2nd place Act of Aggression-Revolution 1st place AOA KOTH- 1 month holder Mondocon Apex Verseny 1st place 20th Apex On DLive Tournament 3 22nd Strong Esports: 1k Premier Series #1 7th Strong Esports: Premier Series #2 1st Strong Esports: 2k Professional Series #2 - Qualifier 15th Strong Esports: 2k Professional Series #1 38th AOC Apex Legends by PlayGain Qualifier 1 33rd Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 - European Qualifier 37th Online Tournament #2 - Europe 38th ALGS Online #3 - Europe 38th ALGS Online #4 - Europe
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Respect mods/myself/others in chat NO self promoting or advertising. NO spam / links / racism / sexism / sexual questions in chat. English only please (for moderation purposes) NO platform wars, spoilers, or back seat gaming (telling hints/tips/suggestions/how to play), please.
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Motherboard: Asrock X370M PRO4 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 Premium (8 GB) Ram: G Skill Aegis F4-3000C16 8 GB DDR4-3000// Double!! CPU : OctalCore AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 3800 MHz (38 x 100)