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Hey guys, I'm Tabby. I'm 34 years old and a little bit crazy, so stay and enjoy the show! I play mainly ALTTPR, but I dabble in other things when my scatterbrained mind actually remembers other things exist. Props to MattDorana who created my awesome profile pic!!

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200 followers O_O Well, I think I'm gonna have to do something then! Hello and thank you for joining my stream! You can expect mayhem out of my mouth and in the stream chat with my crazy mods. I am a full-time student, work full-time, and have a husband and animals that I tend to, so streaming will generally be limited to after homework and chores. I love to play ALTTPR and FFXIV, so you'll mainly see those showing here. My main on FFXIV is Katerra Harvey. I usually play a NIN, but I dabble in WHM and SMN/SCH. I play on Cactaur with my bestie ClariFynn who will co-commentate most of my FFXIV streams. In addition to FFXIV and ALTTPR, you'll also see me playing RPGs as they are my favorite genre, and you might catch DMCV, REMake2, Bayonetta, or whatever I fancy at the time. Some friendly reminder(s): I am playing the game, you are not. Advice and suggestions are allowed, but not in excess. DO NOT tell me how to play the game I am playing, even if I do something you might not agree with. I will rarely ask for help, so please do not volunteer solutions when questions aren't asked. Again, thanks so much for dropping by! It's because of you all that I do this, and I thank you for helping me reach affiliate! Have a great day!

Finished Games!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Sara is Missing Simulacra Simulacra: Pipe Dreams Soul Blazer* Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity ~ * ~ Breath of the Wild 100% ~ * ~ *-Channel Points Game ~ * ~ Fan Choice *xD - "Make my MOD play a game" Game Gone, but not forgotten: Superman 64 *xD Legend of Legaia *xD

In progress

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Simulacra 2 F-Zero* Final Fantasy XIV 20XX Doom Final Fantasy Series Zelda 1 *-Channel Points Game ~ * ~ Fan Choice *xD - "Make my MOD play a game" Game
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We have a Discord! MrScruffNinjaTuna, Ianareyn, and I have our own Discord Server! Join The Reef! Click the picture above or put in this link