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👔 Virtual Archivist here! 👔I mainly stream in YouTube but you can find me here whenever I grind for gaming things and collabs!

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* Have common sense. * None of the unfun topics. * My playstyle will always be to take things slow. Please do not pester me for endgame content. * I will ask for help when I do need them, so hold off on the backseat until that happens. * If they are not involved in my current stream, please do not talk about other VTubers in my chat. * If you are a VTuber, let's plan for collabs off-stream. Please do not ask to join me on-air, especially during a collab stream. * Rules can be changed anytime in The Grand Wiki.
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If you'd like to support what I do, one way to do it is to click here to go to my StreamElements! Otherwise, there's also my Ko-Fi at: *

About Me

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Art by Match-i Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon, Driends! Virtual Archivist, TaikunZ here! I am an English/Filipino Virtual YouTuber over at YouTube at (which is my main streaming platform of choice). If you see me online in this channel, it means that I'm playing a game that I'm heavily addicted to, but do not want to do consecutive streams about on YT. I may also play games exclusively on Twitch like League of Legends. You may follow me here, but I highly recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel instead (which is free! YouTube sub = Twitch follow). That will help me a lot more!

The Virtual Archivist

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Art by Yuna Sakura An unknown librarian from a faraway reality, Tai maintains his grand archive called “The Wiki”. One day he stumbles upon a powerful panda-shaped book, which granted him the ability to hop through dimensions. He used this tome to travel through various realities and experienced many events firsthand; from hunting monsters ten times his size, to being a rookie superhero of a big city, to leading a Guild of a fantasy world. He has stored all of his exploits and journeys on “The Wiki”, writing, archiving, and immortalizing them on various forms of media. Now he has arrived on a universe where Virtual YouTubers and streamers exist, and decided to become one himself. Entering a new world of entertainment awaits.


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Nicknames: Tai, Taikun Age: 20's Birthday: June 11 Gender: Male Illustrator: Kanra ( ) Rigging: Spina ( ) Likes: Organized Content, Cringe and Cursed Memes Dislikes: Under Pressure situations, being Ignored Preferred Beverages: Coffee on mornings, Energy Drinks for the rest of the days Notable Achievements: * 2x 18' slice Pizza eating Champion * Several Bronze Medals at random Singing competitions * Former Bureaucrat and Administrator of Monster Hunter Wiki (Fandom) * Bureaucrat and Administrator of Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki (Fandom) and Unison League Wiki (Fandom) * Editor of (Miraheze) Social Media Links: * (I recommend my SoundCloud and my Curiouscat as I do song recordings on the former, and do want some Qs' for my A's at the latter!) BGMs used: DOVA-SYNDROME ( ) * アンゴラたちの踊り by まんぼう二等兵 * School Drama Opening by thaik16 * Bittersweet by gooset Assets: * Sakura assets by Koumori Ren ( ) * Map Blocker Sprite by Crito ( )