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Last live 5 months ago - British - Female - Artistish - Gamerish -TikTok: tallulah_bellettv - Say hi! Interact!! Keep me from talking to myself XD

About Me!!

Hi guys!! My names Tallulah and I'm a bit of a noob to Twitch but I hope you give me a chance and drop in to say hi at some point because I love hearing from you all!! If you like Pokemon and whole host of other weird and wonderful games that don't involve guns then we'll be fast friends before you know it!! I'm open to game suggestions of all kinds so drop in and run ideas past me! OR! I'f I'm offline feel free to use the suggestion box for any other ideas you may have that would make my channel more entertaining for you!

Follows & Donations!

If you like my content then please drop me a follow and say hello in my stream, I love talking to my viewers and meeting new people!! Also if you like my content please feel free to ask for my Discord Server and FriendCode/ PSN tag info as the more people that join our merry little band the better :D While I do not require or ask for donations, if you wish to support me and help develop my channel then you can do so [here]( your donations are highly appreciated and will be used towards the improvement of the stream.