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Hi folks, I am TataMangurra and I like to stream games such as: World of Warships, and Chess. I really enjoy playing with viewers and talking about random stuff going on in life, science but not really about politics. I look forward to seeing you in my stream. Leave me a "Hi" in PT/EN/GER!

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1st Goal - Have fun! ✓ 2nd Goal - Entertain! work in progress ;-) 3rd goal - 50 Followers ✓ 4th Goal - 3 Average viewers ✓ 5th Goal - Afiliate ✓ 6th Goal - 5 Subscribers✓ 7th Goal - 8 Subscribers✓ 8th Goal - 12 Subscribers✓ 9th Goal - 20 Subscribers ✓
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Gostamos de video games e achamos compartilhar um pouco das nossas experiências com outros falantes de portugues, ingles e alemao. We like video games and want to share a bit of our experiences with other Portuguese, English or German speakers. Uns gefallen Videospiele und wir wollen unsere Erfahrung mit anderen Spielern teilen - auf Portugiesisch, Englisch oder Deutsch.
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