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Last live 7 months ago

I will post better quality videos when I get my HD PVR and pc, for now I will make do with what I have. Thank you for watching and reading this. I will update this when the is news.

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This is where we call home and play most of our games.

Stream Schedule

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Monday: 16:00 P.M.- last table busts - SNG's/MTT's Tuesday: 16:00 P.M. - last table busts - SNG's/MTT's Wednesday: 16:00 P.M. - last table busts - SNG's/MTT's Thursday: 16:00 P.M. - last table busts = SNG's/MTT's Friday: random times Saturday: random times Sunday 05:00 A.M. - last table busts - MTT's


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If you don't have 888poker already you can download from this link supporting my stream, Any profits made from this will be used to upgrade stream quality and eventually some give aways for you the viewrs that make this all possible.

Poker tracker 4 tracking software

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Click on link for free 30 day trial or to purchase Poker tracker 4, a software that helps you by tracking all the hands played on your table and saves the hands to be used in future games.

Hold'em Manager 2 tracking software

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Click here if you want a 30 day free trial of HM2 software, you can try both HM2 and PT4 both for 30 days each. So you can have 60 days before you make your decision on which software you want to purchase, or if you want to wait for that kind of upgrade in your game.


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Donations are accepted but not asked for, I can take paypal or site transfers on almost all pokersites. Just ask for my name on the site you want to send the money and a whisper with a message and I will read it out on stream.

Tournament Poker Edge training site

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This is an affilliate linkk that is linkked to my name, every time someone uses my linkk I get a small percentage of profits from membership. Every bit helps thanks to those that use this link.

Pocket 5's

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A great site that you can load your screen name onto and it tracks your life earnings on sites that you input your name. You can also checkout other players you may or may not know.

Follow me for up to date streaming times

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You can follow me here for up to date tweets on when I am streaming. The button is a safe link to my twitter account.

Top Donators

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1)Feeldatfeltdoe = $40 via paypal 2)Stealthf4ce= $10.30 via pokerstars 3)Akqc= $1.50 via fulltilt 4)mtl_rayson $0.55 via pokerstars

Home Game

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Club ID: 1973156 invite code: runwiththepack

#ACRStormers for more info,

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Click on the image for more info. on the #ACRStormers streaming team and forum. Joining is free.