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Questionable World of Warships Gameplay from a questionable Belgian.

New to World of Warships?

If you are a new player to World of Warships or you have not played a battle in 90 days, please consider using my recruitment link to the game down below for some awesome loot!

About me!

hi there, my name is Tom or Thomas and I am a 22-year old guy from Belgium. I have been playing World of Warships since 2015 and have been active in the competitive scene! My goals for the stream and channel are to make this a place where people can learn how to get better at the game in a relaxed environment. As a streamer I will always try to answer your questions to the best of my ability and I will seek as much engagement with my chat as possible! Thanks for being here!

Tips and Donations

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Feel Free to Donate by clicking the image above! Donations are always appreciated but NEVER ever required, they help me improve the stream for my awesome Little Croco's!

Awesome Donators!!

Krsticfilip: 6 Santa's Gifts! SandrosV: 14 Days of Premium! Allforme3: 60 Days of Premium + Containers! Anonymous: 40,00 Euro! TheBawdyBadger: Georgia! GhostBuster_1: 4 Rogue Wave Containers!! CharlieSWED: 5.00$!


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