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Vintage computers, education, and preservation are what I'm all about

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## Call Me! The **Call Me!** channel point redemption will make a real phone ring and read me your message! I have a video on [how this works]( you can watch as well. ## DECtalk If you cheer more than 100 bits your message will be read by a real DECtalk on stream! If you want to know more on how to use the DECtalk you can read [the manual]( It has many different voices and control options that can even be used to make it sing! Command Aliases: - **%p**: [:phoneme arpabet speak on] ## Byte Break The **Byte Break** channel point redemption will have me take a 5 minute break from the stream to look at any issue of Byte Magazine of your choosing. I have original copies of [every issue](, If you want to see what is in them, [this site]( has scans of all of them and you can tell me which issue and page you want me to check out.
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*All times in 24hr for Arizona, USA* ## Rough times Streams happen over the weekend Friday through Sunday from 10:00 for around 4hrs but it's usually based on where I'm at with whatever I'm working on. Friday streams technically start at noon but may start at 10:00 if I'm ready early. (All times referenced for Arizona, USA) ## Actual Schedule - **Friday** : 12:00-14:00 - **Saturday** : 10:00-14:00 - **Sunday** : 10:00-14:00
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## Internet Connection My office internet is a T-Mobile 5G router, which is not great as you would expect and has some problems. But it sure beats paying Cox hundreds more for worse service speeds. ## Cameras - Main's: 2x Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k's - Webcam: Logitech Brio 4k - Photos: Nikon D5300 ## Face Tracking I am using an OBS extension called [Face Tracker]( that crops, pans, and zooms the image by following my face. It does this with minor success but so far seems worth it. ## EE Tools - Soldering Iron: Metcal MX-500 - DMMs: Fluke 287 & HP 34401A - PSUs: Different HP 663X series units & BK 1711 - Scope: BK 20MHz Analog & HP 16500C Logic Mainframe ## Linux I use Kubuntu on all my computers. Whatever was the current version at the time I set it up. I'm not interested in trying other distros, Ubuntu is fine but Gnome 3 is not. So Kubuntu is my sweet spot.