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Hello, I am Teifer. I have been playing the games of video for many a year. I am a variety gamer, and love to bounce around games, from trying new ones to returning to fun ones. Hope to relax and enjoy shenanigans with you!


Supporting this stream is never expected, I only expect you to just enjoy the stream and have fun. If you do decide to help support me though, I will definitely [thank]( you a lot if you do.

Hello there

I am Teifer! I love to chill, marvel at space, and just have a good time, laughs and terrible puns included. I am a person who likes many a type of strategy, puzzle, rpg, and mmo games. Any game suggestions are welcome.

Computer specs & other

current computer is: msi B550 Gaming Carbon Wifi Ryzen 5 5600x EVGA NVIDIA 3080 16gb ram NZXT H710i Corsair 750m PSU other things I use: K95 Platinum UTechSmart Venus HyperX Quadcast Sony wh1000xm3