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Im 25 and work a full time job, but im committed to streaming as much as i can!! (((24 hour streams== 15 Times))) ————————————————————Business /\Will Play your horror game on Stream/\

The Affliction

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We are the Affliction, we have risen from the dead and our one true goal is to spread forth this contagion across the globe

Terrify Merch

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Right now this is starter Merch while i create all new Merch.. Purchase at your own discretion, or WAIT for New Merch which is Undetermined right now..

Dixper Partner

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Subs get Crate Drops every 5 DAYS Tier 1 Subs: 1 Crate (6 Crates per month) Tier 2 Subs: 3 Crates (18 Crates per month) Tier 3 Subs: 10 Crates (60 Per month)

Tier 1 Subscriptions

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Free sounds to use , bits for sound alerts, Ad free, 6 Dixper boxes. Including Tier 1 subs emotes


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1. No self promotion (ex: follow for follow, I stream as well, or check out this person) 2. Respect my mods, they are valued guards of the community and they will not go unheard! 3. Do not post links without permission. 4. Do not advertise other streamers or bring them up during my stream for any reason (unless i am closely working with them)

If i made you mad

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Hit the follow button lets be friends!! Don't be toxic we can resolve things, in all reality games are just games and outside of games we all have lives that can be stressful! Stick around and let me ease some of that stress <3

About me

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Hey, Call me Fear! im 25 and i like to variety stream many horror games & horror shorts, main game is dead by daylight! Im looking for dedicated people to be apart of my growing community as i spread my Affliction across the world Hit that follow button boys lets be friends!


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Donations help me pay my bills, upgrade my stream, and to buy food to keep me alive. """"""""Cashapp is $Terrifies""""""""" Before Donating Please note that all Donations are nonrefundable!