Primarily just a guy wasting his life on video games and speed running

About Me

Just another young boy on twitch for the most part really. Another person who plays too many video games in their free time. For the most part I'm going to be streaming speedruns. I can't imagine anyone wanting to see me fail at playing games casually if I can barely speedrun. I have some another usernames most notable ones are "BreadForBrunch", "BridgeForBrunch:, "TerrifyingBread", and "Terry".

Personal Bests

Metroid 100% Deathless: 43:25 100%: 37:54 All Bosses Deathless: 22:05 All Bosses: 14:28 Metroid II: Return of Samus 100% No OoB: 1:14:58 Super Mario Bros. Any%: 5:15 Warpless: 21:09 Sheppard Software Geography If you really actually care about my geography runs just to go speedrun.com for them. There are too many to realistically list.