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TETRIS EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 is over! See you next year!

FRIDAY September 20th 2019

**15:00** Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed **15:00-20:00** NES and GB qualification rounds

SATURDAY September 21st 2019

Estimated schedule (CET): **12:00** Doors open. Guests and gamers are welcomed. **12:00-13:30** Game Boy qualification rounds continue **12:00-15:00** NES qualification rounds continue **13:30-16:00** Game Boy competition begins **16:00-16:30** Short break **16:30-17:15** Final Game Boy matches **17:45** Bracket competitors (16) are announced and the NES competition begins **20:45** Final NES match! **22:00** Afterparty at Bip Bip Bar. Stream ends. *****