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Less Sleep : More Gaming (O_O)

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Registered Nurse (est. 2018), and lifetime gamer (est. 1991). #PositiveVibes #SometimesRager (O_o). To be honest I don't know what to put in here. There's so much to say. Let's chat instead! :-)
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Never required or expected, but always appreciated! Donations will help support both myself and the channel. Crypto donations are also available for those who prefer that method. Bitcoin: 16s7ewitgwfF3S8zkHodfh8g3fgyjXWpMH Ethereum: 0xc178629D05692BA070276F93Bd7F1eA34fee19E4 *** Donations are non-refundable ***
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An Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, Switch, Steam Deck and a TV :) On the PC Side: Not 100% sure, but there's an RTX 2060 Super in there O_o