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I'm Eli, 25 years young, a gamer at heart, I play a variety such as GTA RP, Ready or Not, Pokemon, Phasmophobia, War Thunder, Hunter Call of the Wild, etc.


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Hello, my name is Eli. I am 25 years old. I am an aspiring variety streamer. I thoroughly enjoy streaming on Twitch and hope you enjoy the content that you see here. I got started here on Twitch off/on since 2016, mainly playing Pokemon. I started with Pokemon Nuzlockes but slowly transitioned into shiny hunting. Now you can find me here playing more variety. I have taken courses in film and love to edit videos! I would love for that to become my career one day. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. Have a great day!


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1. Don't be rude - Respect everyone, we're all here to have fun and enjoy our day. 2. No racism, politics, discrimination, or sexism, PLEASE! 3. No links - I don't want to see something that I have not asked for or could be dangerous to others. Ask me or a mod before posting a link. 4. No spam. This includes emotes. 5. Don't ask for mod - I will personally contact whoever if I am looking for new mods. 5. Don't be afraid to give suggestions - I am open to all criticism and welcome advice or ideas for the community to make it better for everyone. 6. Enjoy yourself!


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Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and consider subscribing! Thank you!


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Follow my twitter for updates and other content.


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This is my shiny hunting Instagram where I post highlights from games and from POGO!


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Click the panel to join the Dark Forest! Chat and interact with everyone and me in our community!


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Donations are not required by any means, but are greatly appreciated. All donations will go directly to supporting the stream and allow me to continue to do what I love. Donations allow for me to upgrade the stream quality and acquire the necessary components to continue to provide unique content. Please do not donate if you are financially burdened or are unable, donations are NONREFUNDABLE so think through donating twice.


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Subscribing is not required by any means. I appreciate all support and in any form that you want to show it, whether that is just watching my stream, following, donating, or subscribing. If you choose to subscribe, you will be supporting the stream's future improvements. I could not thank anyone more for choosing to give their time, energy, or money towards my stream. Please do not subscribe if you are financially burdened or are unable, subscriptions are NONREFUNDABLE so think through subscribing twice.


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Want to support me another way? Consider checking out my merch! I have plans on adding more to it soon!


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If and when we play music on our stream, we use this chillhop playlist. Check them out by clicking on the panel.