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How do I not sound like an ego maniac writing my own bio? Who reads bios? Anyways, if you're reading this I do not trade with people who say "trade?" if you read that, read this..hit that follow button! I'm awesome sauce. maybe I'll start selling "Awesome Sauce!" no no just the follow will do!

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This is a list of !Commands to have fun in chat! 1ns = One Night Stand 1v1 = Just for the sound, if you really want this smoke, redeem that Won v One. 69 = Are you dump?? (whiff) 76og = Give em love! bancloud = Awwwww you must be new here, the Klowd you're looking for starts with a K.....God speed youngin' banKlowd = Get outta here Klowd, yer baaaaaaaaannnnnn.....but come back we need you! big = RIP Mr. Biggie Smalls brb = be right back coach = my rate is $1000/h and i work 1 hours max a week, you in? comeback = you did WHAT on their backs? dave dbd dbdfr dbdstill dog doritochip drip fersureog gentleman gg gtfu hattrick hi kermitjuice kink klundlurk klowdog kw bc leroy lurk message merch mickey mike mook moonog - Frankie moonsog - lion king murder mawmeen owen pandaz patog pocketsand rank rank? rings rules so socials specs stevie strech swish top10 trade unlurk usher was whatasave whiff jedi sexy blug socials hotdog fennec octane octane1 epic discord faze play 24 followage funfacts hug cookie cracked chair 404
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What? do i need "rules"? This is stupid in my option, but this is the internet "rules" go out the window, but if you could do these little things, it would make everyone experience on twitch better! 1) Remember the Human, not just in my channel but every channel. There is a human on the screen, doing their best. 2) Act like you would in person. If you wouldn't say it to my throat, they you prob. shouldn't say it on here.
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So i had this idea, instead of talking myself up and telling everyone why i'm so awesome, i would ask my friends for a quote about me. "Describe me in one sentence? @bearnecessitys - "i don't know, something about evolving with video games."
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this is the twitter portion of the panels. if you don't know what twitter is by now and you're reading this, you have bigger issues. follow that twitter. Hover is also a thing i have, but still not good at the social part, or "social media"
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This is the part where i say "join my discord, its fun and cool" but i try to keep up its a lot, so if you like "good morning" text and "thanks for watching me be a fool" messages then this is the 'cord for you. (ugh i hate myself for these promo things. i wanna be like "join or don't either way..." ya know. keep it real when others can't keep it ever realistic.
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This is where i source the bread to glow up the stream. NEVER are you obligated to give, tip, donate or bake bread how ever you name it if you choose to do any of those your money goes right back into glowing up the stream.