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Hey My name is The_Beast5272. Just getting back into streaming.

About Me

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Im a 23 year old gamer. Livid star wars nerd love fps and mmo rpgs. I play on playstation and pc. Your more then welcome to ask to join squads or whatever. im an open book :)

Support the Wounded warrior foundation

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Due to me making money through subs or bits i have Made the donate channel link to the WWP. If u donate please let me know so i can give u a shout out!!!


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My schedule is as follows Monday : 0345 MST to 0600 MST Tuesday: 0345 MST to 0600 MST Wensday: OFF Thursday: 0345 to 0600 Friday: 0345 to 0600 Satuday: Honeslty i shoot to stream alot on weekends Sunday:^^^

Vallhala Beta Testers

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So this is the link to my teams discord. We are a small bunch but hoping to grow u can find me and all my friends here :)