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Name Pronounced "Shadow". An Old style gamer from the early years. 8 Bit Graphics and 8 Bit sound was my start. Music used in my Stream is from "Miracle of Sound"


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Who am I? I am who I am.

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I am an old school gamer. USAF Veteran. Laid back player with misc. knowledge. Played many games over the years. Pong being my first. (Mainly RPG Style) Current primary games are World of Warships and most Bioware games. The stream will consist of World of Warships and Trilogy games. Once completed with current game. Most of the music playing during World of Warships is by Miracle of Sound. Tell him I sent you... :)


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There are links to military museums or kids charities here in the description below: USS Battleship Texas: Comics4kids:

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New Merchandise store. With new Salty Tears logo


Youtube : [Shadewe]( Twitter : [Shadewe]( WoWS Replay setup: [WoWReplay]( Streaming Tools: Streamlabs OBS: [Streamlabs OBS](