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The_Twitch_Pond streams PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.


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The Pond Charity Event, a great cause that we feel needs a massive push for awareness. So much so we have got 34+ streamers over a 102 hour period to raise awareness for for further information go to or to [Donate]( ( if you do not wsh to have your name displayed on screen please leave the Display Name empty )

What is the Pond

The Pond is an idea that was created by [Krytonss]( and [Stevesq](; they immediately brought [Ludacr0us]( into the fold. It's a stream team, but it's more than a stream team. It’s a Support Network for new, small and medium sized streamers who believe in supporting ourselves but more importantly supporting others. Our members cover a spectrum from console streamers (with and without a cam) and OBS streamers and community sizes from 0 to 1000 followers. Our Aim is to prove to the community that a small group of focused, supportive people can make a huge difference in the community. If you're a small to medium streamer, whether you're hitting the button for the first time or you have been doing it for months, believe in supporting others and feel like you have something to offer the community (not the other way around) we'll be looking for you, you're the kind of person we like to support!!!
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Currently the Stream Team members of the pond are: [Krytonss]( [Stevesq]( [Ludacr0us]( [MrSteveoTV]( [LadyRattlesUK]( [Yurfatman]( [Micaisy]( [Katzehalifornia]( [Killamcgilacuty]( Please feel free to message any of us for more details. We are always looking for new supportive people to bring into our community and support in return. You can find us all at or team member), we'd love to meet you!!!
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Please follow our twitter for further information regarding The Pond [@the_twitch_pond](