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I play games, I'm dumb, I do music stuff

Art and emotes!

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My awesome emotes are done by (more to come?!) And my crusader character is done by the awesome yourdanz over on fiverr! - - or @danzz.ig for instagram!
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So you wanna know about me? My name's Bacon I'm 27 years old (this changes yearly) I currently stream from electrical implements known as a personal computer and a playstation 4. I'm a metalhead at heart but will give anything a chance... I like wacky "out there" games, shooters etc Horror games are great but I'm a scared little bitch... Not much else to say but... THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO'S JOINING ME ON MY QUEST [X] First Stream - 16th Feb 2018 [X] "It Begins" achievement! - 16th Feb 2018 [X] Affiliated - 9th July 2018 [X] 200 Followers! [X] 400 followers! - 12 hour stream! [X] 500 Followers! - 12 hour stream! [X] 600 Followers! - 12 hr stream slavic [X] 800 Followers! - Doki doki Lit club [X] 900 Followers! - 12hr stream PAIN [ ] 1000 Followers? - Charity (maybe) 24hr stream?


"NO BACKSEATING. Don't be a dick. Keep your sexual preferences to yourself. Keep your age/sexual preference/gender to yourself. Let's just chill and hang out, try not to over self promo, Any questions about the above feel free to ask!"

So you wanna tip?!

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Tips are very very much appreciated but not required, only donate if you want me to hunt you down and kill you... $1+ - A stupid meme surprise $1.69 - Call one of the mods $5 - DORIME $15 - LET'S GO $10 - Coconut song $25 - California Girls (Please NO) $26 - NYAN CAT $30 - YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. All tips are non refundable

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THIS INCLUDES SCARES: 66 111 250 500 666 1k 2k 5k 10k