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That "Bun Hatz Smite Twitter Guy"


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I post dumb shit in video form


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Will probably spend it on stuffed crust pizzas


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I post dumb shit


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Q: What is your name? A: Alex Q: How old are you? A: 25 Q: Who's your favorite God? A: Rama/Chiron Q: How long have you been playing SMITE? A: Since Xbox Open Beta in 2015 Q: Why don't you switch to KBM? A: I don't like it Q: Do you play any other games besides SMITE? A: Not at the moment, although I have 10,000 hours on Oldschool Runescape and I occasionally stream variety content. Q: What do you do for work? A: I try to keep my online life and professional life separate. Q: Why don't you love me? A: Bro I barely love myself


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I've recently partnered with AdvancedGG. They are a gaming-drink company specializing in energy drinks. They also have a hydration line and a "focus" line if energy drinks aren't your thing. Use code "biack" for a 10% discount at checkout