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The Black Hokage **(Hoe-Ka-Gay)** or TBH is a variety streamer, host of the Gaming illuminaughty Podcast & YouTube OG who enjoys entertaining & engaging with his chat. On this channel you can expect to see & hear hilarious *(or sometimes serious)* conversations between him & his stream team [The Gaming illuminaughty]( One day he can be Riley & the next day he'll be Huey *(Boondocks reference)*. Either way you're going to be entertained or mentally stimulated by all this black excellence. Don't be afraid to hit that follow button!

Social Media

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Gaming illuminaughty

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The Black Hokage is a member of [The Gaming illuminaughty]( stream team. The Gi Podcast is a collection of longtime friends joining forces to discuss the latest in gaming & geek culture with raw, unbiased opinions & a dash of humor. Illuminaughty means "the enlighten ones". Therefore our mantra is "we are the enlightened gamers". • [YouTube]( • [Apple]( • [Spotify]( • [Google Podcasts]( • [Stitcher]( • [Amazon Music](

Purrfect Vibes

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Purrfect is the music brand with you in mind. All music is royalty/copyright free. Purrfect Vibes is our inaugural Lofi playlist. We encourage all creators to utilize our music in their content so long as you credit us. Listen to Purrfect Vibes • [Spotify]( • [Apple Music]( • [YouTube]( • [Twitch]( • [Download]( Follow us on Social media • [Linktree](


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Hokage Thots

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Hokage Thots is a solo podcast hosted by The Black Hokage. Topics range from gaming to just life in general. Nothing is off limits & it's presented with TBH's unique sense of humor. • [YouTube]( • [Apple]( • [Spotify]( • [Stitcher]( • [Google]( • [Radio Republic](