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Welcome in to the channel of The Body Rubber. I play a lot of Apex and love being live and meeting all of you wonderful people. My main job is raising my daughter and rubbing on people from time to time!!! Yes I'm a Massage Therapist!!! Got questions?? Just ask!!!

About TheBodyRubber

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TheBodyRubber was started in 2001 while I was in massage school. The class was going over names we can legally call ourselves and this was when TheBodyRubber name was started. I was told technically I can call myself a body rubber but probably shouldn't. Well over 15 years later and bam here I am still using it. I am by no means a pro gamer but I am a gamer that loves to play. My best friends where formed around gaming. No matter how good or not so good you are you can have fun and form relationships. I am a lucky Father of my beautiful daughter, a fortunate husband to the best wife one could ask for, and a friend of the best people you could ever know. Streaming is just a fun thing to expand upon my gaming experience. I love meeting new people that enjoy the same things as me. I wan't to build a community of diverse people that just like to play. I may expand the stream to more than just games.


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Want a great way to support the stream and get some cool stickers??? Click on the above banner and you can purchase the pack of Reaper Industries stickers. They include the Daddy Duck sticker, the ToneDog husky sticker, and the Cute Reaper sticker!!!


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Connect, chat, learn!!! Here at the Reaper Industries discord we are a community that tries our best to bring people together... Just wanna chat? Great!!! Wanna find and meet up with some great streamers? Yes Please!!! Have questions about streaming, life, games, love, or just about anything??? Ask away my friends!!! Most chat that happens while streaming is going on in discord and future community nights will be hosted there as well... The discord is ran by me and a few original Reapers. In hopes of bringing people together! Can't wait to see you there!!!

Donos and Tips

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If you are seeing this and even considering donating anything just know it's appreciated and not expected. Any and all money received during this endeavor will be going straight to one of two places. Right back into the stream or to my daughters education. My biggest goal in my life is to give my daughter the tools needed to do what she wants in life. Thank you for your support! *disclamer* yes this is a CYA announcment but it must be done... Any and all donations made are final. None will be refunded. I love you and appreciate any support but if you don't have the money do not give. You being here is more than enough!!! *disclamer*

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