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In a world filled with those just here to "chill" or "be vibin" - we exist to be PROFESSIONAL. This is a business world, and as the CEO, I expect only the best to join us at the FIRM. If that's you, you're in the right place. Time to clock in to THE FIRM and GET TO WORK!

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Guys there is absolutely no need to tip - but if you are interested in supporting the channel to upgrade equipment and help pay for cool stream features click the image above or this link: Thank you so much for even being here. Means the world to me.
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Hey everybody thanks for stopping by the channel! Here is a little bit about me. Born: Michigan Current Residence: Indiana Education: Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting, IT, Marketing and Business Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Michigan Wolverines
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This is the finance department for the FIRM for the BusinessmanPK. These folks are the top donors and best of the best. CFO: GoldenSanDiego: $5 + 40,000+ BITS LORD! Resident PUBG pro thanks for supporting the FIRM and being an awesome duos and squads member! DONATED THEY ARE BILLIONS TO THE FIRM for hours of entertainment! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT HERE AT THE FIRM! Sub Gift Leader: CMoparW - thanks for giving everyone ties and briefcases! Finance Director: Ethantallman: $345 - awesome dude I know from college and playing ball together. Has placed some EPIC tips on the channel! Great guy and a good friend. Thanks dude for being an amazing supporter of the stream! TheIronBigSmooth - $258.00 THE FIRST OG here at the FIRM and an amazing IRL homie - thanks for all your support dude! DeuceBoxHero: $170 Great streamer cool dude - 2nd in all time bits cheered and some awesome tips as well - this dude is legit! ButlerDidIt5364 - $99.00 great supporter of the firm! Thanks dude! MarkLewisCooper - $79.50 EPIC supporter of the FIRM and AMAZING community member :D Sportsfan77020: $77.50 Great long time supporter of the stream and genuinely awesome human being! Tygooh: Legendary first day for this guy - drops in and donates SOD2 Ultimate Edition - thanks homie! DigitalGeeSon: $50 in one go - that's a legend! ItsPassive - $41.91 - met up during PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds! Dude is legit - he carried us :) Awesome supporter and Canada BOI streamer! Emt_bryan: $20 - awesome dude - and the best Overwatch player I know! Thanks for the support and keep growing your community dude! GG ZSavo: $20 First time showing up in the channel and dropped an epic $20 and became the streamboss TheReal Deja - $17.00 "I'll donate for a top ten" nuff said SuzakuWatzu: $15 long time sub and amazing supporter of the firm RyanTruGamer - $12.53 dude is awesome - thanks for the donoation! AnthonyCoyne - $10 on his first visit to the stream during KOTOR mskip1: $25 an amazing lady supporter here at the firm and good friend I met here on twitch. CascadeOverload - $10 MY MOD! :D PerennialPoison - so much one of the first and most loyal supporters and a great personal friend IRL Thanks for the support buddy! BooseTTV - $6.66 a real deal dude - great community member and fellow streamer! GG homie. Poggers JoerassicParkl: $5.00 awesome community member that makes the Firm a better thanks - thanks JOE! Brownify - $6 and is the genius behind all of the channel graphics and images! Thanks for being awesome IRL too :D One_More_Alien: $1.00 2020 most channel points spent! Thanks for your support. Baby_Juggz: Came in for the ark and struck around :D Thanks for your support and being a loyal community member and sub! :D Deed7444 - dropped back in on Day 32 of the 2018 streak! Thanks for supporting the FIRM! Tan0c - Thanks for your support man! Appreciate you stopping in to catch up! Blowdog2: Darkest dungeon viewer - came to check out the Crimson Court DLC and dropped some support for the channel! Thanks! Nulll - $5 holla' from the Stardew Valley stream - thanks so much for you help! DyingCamel - $4.20 I knew him before he was partnered. Awesome doom/retro streamer! Thanks for the support! KieferStashu - $1.00 First donation and that can never be taken away. Thank you so much! Priest_69 - $1.00 Long time supporter was here from very early on! Great valued member of the firm! Thank YOU! MrGillette4 - $1 IRL friend former coworker and awesome dude! Thanks for hangin' and the support dude! Stay awesome!