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Hello! How are you? I'm MilkMan and I run The Couch Co-Op Show. On this channel I produce The Couch Co-Op Show podcast, The Couch Co-Hop Show podcast and The MilkMan & Revren Show podcast. I also play video games. Make yourself comfy. Grab a beverage and check out some of our content. Enjoy!


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We post all our VODs over on Youtube. You can also find other great content like films and music videos produced by us.


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Dave & Ian started video game night back in 2005. It was a weekly chance for friends to get together, drink beer and play video games. Then in 2013 Jarrod & Ian started the podcast. Then a YouTube show followed shortly after. The next logical progression was streaming. That brings us to right here... right now... Enjoy!


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Come follow us on all your favorite social media platforms and remember to be excellent to each other! Use the hashtag #AllOneWordNoHyphen Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @couchcoopshows


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The creative force behind The Couch Co-Op Show. Please enjoy other entertaining content from this Emmy Award winning talent.