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TheDaddyGamers streams The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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Dad's don't stop gaming; we just have more meeples to include! Just because we're dads, doesn't mean playing time goes down (except for maybe single-player games). I primarily enjoy a healthy combination of tabletop games and video games. While I used to primarily stream speedruns of A Link to the Past Randomizer (ALttPR) right now, this year we will be streaming digital adaptations of awesome tabletop games as well. Every month there will be raffles for free games for followers and a separate raffle for subscriber giveaways (just a little added incentive if you feel so inclined to support)! So be sure to tune in when we go live with your favorite board game! What is ALttPR? Find out more [here!](
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Please [follow me]( on Twitter if you'd like to be notified when the channel goes live! Most streams will have A Link to the Past Randomizer races (since streaming is required to race), but I mix in TableTop games as well.
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The [discord]( server is up and ready! I'm continually making improvements every week, and more functionality is coming on a regular basis. Stop by, say hello, and see if you like what you see!