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Crazy Canuck, Lover of Coffee, Player of Soulsborne. In short, a big nerd. Pfp: TheIrishNeko. Emotes and Banner: Manic ;

Rough Schedule

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Usually start at around 3AM EST. Usually end at around 7AM EST. Currently playing: Dark Souls 3 (Invasions, PvP, PvE) Elden Ring (Buildmaking, PvE, PvP) Bloodborne (Invasions, Sinister Run, Build making) Darkest Dungeon (Chat based Heroes, Campaign) ...and a smidge of variety in between

Achievements, and other Noteworthy Aspirations

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Demon's Souls Original in under 10 hours (2011) Dark Souls 1 Sl1 (2014) Dark Souls 1 Sorcery Only (2014) Dark Souls 2 Sl1 (2016) Demon's Souls Original Sl1 (2016) Demon's Souls Original Hands of God Only (2017) Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Mysterious Figure w/ Terra no Surge (2017) Bloodborne Bl4 no dlc (2017) Dark Souls 3 Sl1 (2018) Dark Souls 3 No Equipment Load (2020) Dark Souls 3 Project Goof inspired Turtle df run (2020)


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Don't even think about it... however, because I physically can't stop ya, this link will redirect you to Streamlabs. Again, I stream for the community. There are much better people trying to make a career off twitch or are in financial need. Supporting them means more to me than any tips or donations.

General Information

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Heyo. Name's TheDashingSaint, not to be confused with every other nickname I've got over the years. Dash will suffice, as there are too many Saint's in my neck of the woods.

System Specs

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PC (Build by Aurora Principal) Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 3070 Case: Corsair 4000D CPU: 5600X AMD Motherboard: B550 Tomahawk RAM: 2×8GB Storage: M.2 Samsung and a Seagate 2TB OS: Windows 10 Controller: Dualshock 4 Broadcasting: OBS Microphone: Maono AU-A04H